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Your Life Revolution: Let the Wheel of Life Navigate Your Journey of Transformation

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and transformation! Today, we’re diving into a powerful tool that can revolutionize how you prioritize your goals and create a balanced, fulfilling life: the Wheel of Life. As a professional in the growth aspect of your career, you have focused on developing both your career and personal life. I will now share a tool that will become your compass to navigate through the maze of life's challenges. 


The Wheel of Life is more than just a colorful chart; it's a dynamic, visual representation of your life's current state and an insightful guide to what needs your attention. Imagine having a clear, structured way to evaluate every significant aspect of your life—from career and growth to health and relationships—and knowing exactly where to focus your energy for maximum impact. You will find that power in the Wheel of Life. 


Understanding the Wheel of Life 

The Wheel of Life is a circle divided into sections, each representing a crucial area of your life. Common sections include: 

  • Career 

  • Money 

  • Health 

  • Family and Friends 

  • Significant Others 

  • Personal Growth 

  • Fun and Leisure 

  • Home Environment 

You rate your satisfaction in each area on a scale from 1 to 10, and then plot these ratings on the wheel. The result is a visual snapshot of your life's balance, highlighting areas that are thriving and those that need improvement. 

The Power of Visualization 

Visualization is a key element of the Wheel of Life. By seeing your life laid out in this structured format, you gain clarity on where you stand. It’s like looking at a map before embarking on a journey—you identify the starting point and the destination, as well as the areas you need to travel through to reach your goals. As you begin visualization, you may struggle. You may also find it helpful to seek professional guidance through a coach as you explore and navigate through the wheel of life exercise.  

This approach of visualization helps in several ways: 

  • Clarity: The wheel divides the complexity of your life into manageable sections, making it easier to see what is working and areas you may wish to adjust.  

  • Focus: The segmentation into sections directs your attention to the areas that need improvement, helping you prioritize your goals effectively. You then begin with the section and devise goals and eventually action plans to accomplish those goals. 

  • Motivation: As you navigate the journey you achieve progress, some immediate, others over time. You become more motivated to continue and take additional action. As you work on different areas, your wheel becomes more balanced, and this visual progress keeps you motivated to continue. 

Setting Priorities with the Wheel of Life 

Prioritizing goals is essential for success, but it can be challenging to know where to start. The Wheel of Life simplifies this process by providing a clear framework for evaluation.

Here’s how to use it to set your priorities: 

1. Evaluate Your Current Situation 

Using the chart below start by rating your satisfaction in each area of the wheel. Be honest and critical in your assessment. The scale is 0 (center) to 10. This is your opportunity to identify the gaps in your life that need attention. Feel free to re-label or split any category to better fit your personal situation. Below are some examples of customization that might better describe your situation.  

  • Career: Changing the category name to "Motherhood", "Work", "Business" or "Volunteering".  

  • Money: Changing the category name to “Finances”, "Financial Security" or "Financial Wellbeing". Split Money into “Investing”, “Home Finances”, “Savings”, or “Wealth Planning” 

  • Health: The category name could be split or changed to "Emotional", "Physical", "Fitness", "Spiritual" or "Wellbeing". 

  • Family and Friends: Split "Family and Friends" into separate categories. Consider family as your family of choice or biologic family.  

  • Significant Others: Changing the category name to "Dating", "Relationship", “Husband”, “Wife”, “Partner”, or "Life Partner".  

  • Personal Growth: The category name could change to “Professional”, "Learning", "Self-Development" or "Spiritual". Other categories to add could include "Security", "Service", "Leadership", "Achievement" or "Community". 

  • Fun & Leisure: The category name could change to "Recreation", “Travel”, or “Physical Activity”.  

  • Home Environment: The category could split or change to "Work Environment" for career or business clients., It could be split into “Home”, “DIY”, “Remodel”, or “Purchase”. 

2. Identify Imbalances 

Look for areas where your ratings are significantly lower. These are the areas that might require immediate focus. For example, if your career and finance sections are thriving, but your health and personal growth are lacking, it’s a sign that you need to invest more time and energy into improving your well-being. Even if your desire for focus is professional life, by focusing on achieving balance first might result in improved goal creation. 

3. Set Specific Goals 

Based on your evaluation, set specific, measurable goals for each area that needs improvement. Return to the previous blogs regarding goals for guidance on effective goal strategies. For instance, if your health rating is low, your goal might be to exercise three times a week or to adopt a healthier diet. 

4. Create an Action Plan 

Develop a detailed action plan for each goal. Break down your goals into smaller, manageable tasks that you can work on daily or weekly. This makes it easier to stay on track and make consistent progress. I recommend journaling as a means of documenting the journey through action plans.  

5. Regularly Review and Adjust 

The Wheel of Life is not a one-time exercise. Regularly review your ratings and progress. Adjust your goals and action plans as needed. Life is dynamic, and your priorities may shift over time. Keeping your Wheel of Life up to date ensures you stay aligned with your evolving aspirations. 

Benefits of Using the Wheel of Life 

Incorporating the Wheel of Life into your goal-setting process offers numerous benefits: 

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Understanding where you stand in different areas of your life increases self-awareness, which is crucial for personal growth. 

  • Balanced Life: By focusing on all aspects of your life, you can achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life, reducing stress and increasing overall happiness. Improved Focus: The structured approach helps you focus on what truly matters, eliminating distractions and enhancing productivity. 

  • Motivation and Accountability: Regularly updating the wheel and tracking your progress keeps you motivated and accountable for your personal development. 

Taking the First Step 

Are you ready to take control of your life and achieve your goals with clarity and purpose? The Wheel of Life is your starting point. Begin by evaluating your current situation, identifying imbalances, and setting specific goals. Create an action plan, stay committed, and watch as your life transforms one step at a time. 

Remember, the journey to a balanced and fulfilling life is ongoing. Regularly revisit your Wheel of Life, celebrate your progress, and make adjustments as needed. With the Wheel of Life, you have the power to prioritize your goals effectively and create the life you desire. 

So, grab a pen and start drawing your Wheel of Life today. It’s time to turn the wheel and steer your life towards success and fulfillment. 


Following completion of the Wheel of Life consider the below: 

  • Were there any surprises for you? 

  • Is you life in balance or in need of balance? 

  • Is there an area that you wish to explore immedately? 

  • Are you spending time in an areas not in need of focus? 

  • What would it take to improve or progress in an area? 

As you close out the exercise, identify an area you will focus on. Further pick 1-3 actions you wish to get started with.  

As you complete your Wheel of Life, you’re taking a significant step towards achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. This powerful tool has given you a clear snapshot of where you are and where you need to focus your energy.

By identifying imbalances and setting specific goals, you’ve laid the groundwork for personal growth and success. The Wheel of Life ensures you stay aligned with your goals and aspirations. It keeps you on track, helping you make consistent progress towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

However, navigating this journey can sometimes be challenging, and that’s where professional guidance can make a difference. A coach can provide the support, insights, and accountability you need to stay committed to your goals. With their expertise, you can gain deeper self-awareness, overcome obstacles, and accelerate your progress.

As a professional career and life coach, I’m here to help you unlock your full potential. Together, we can delve deeper into each area of your Wheel of Life, create tailored action plans, and ensure you stay motivated and focused. Whether you’re seeking upward mobility in your career, better work-life balance, or relief from stress, personalized coaching can be the catalyst for your transformation.

Don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance when needed. Reach out, take the next step, and let’s work together to turn your aspirations into reality. Your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life starts now. Embrace the power of the Wheel of Life and the support of a dedicated coach, and watch as your life transforms in ways you never thought possible.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Contact me today, and let’s start redefining your success story together. It’s time to take control of your life and create the future you’ve always envisioned. The best version of you is just around the corner—let’s make it happen!



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